Dr Bonkers Guitar Cab-Oddities™ Volume 4: POLY 1X12 Guitar Cabinet IR Collection


Dr Bonkers presents the Dr Bonkers Guitar Cab-Oddities™ Volume 4: POLY 1X12 Guitar Cabinet IR Collection based upon a 1980’s Polytone® Mini Brute II™ 1 X 12 Guitar or Bass Amp Cabinet. This cabinet included the original Polytone® Proprietary 12 inch Speaker for Guitar and Bass.

Dr Bonkers impulse response file tribute to this cab is featured in both Fractal Audio Systems® file format, WAV format, and a buy both bundle. Pull down on the menu below to see details on each pack.

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Zak Rahman demos in metal, rock, and jazz styles of the Polytone® Mini Brute II™ 1X12 Bass & Guitar Cab impulse response (IR) files in action:

Solo guitar recorded by Jorge Goncalves using Amplifire® and this WAV impulse response file cab collection. See SoundCloud description for more details.

Andre LaFosse recorded four quick improvs, each using a different combination of two IRs from the Dr. Bonkers Poly 1X12 collection. The same guitar, amp, and reverb settings were used for each demo track:

  •  Reverend Avenger TL on bridge pickup
    • Kazrog Recabinet 5 for IR loading and mixing (set completely flat – no eq, speaker dynamics, or other Kazrog enhanced features here)
    • Scuffham S-Gear 2 on the “Duke” amp model (no Scuffham IRs/speaker sims used)
    • Valhalla Room for early reflection reverb/stereo imaging

Eugene Shapiro demo:

Mike Vasas demo playlist:

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Additional information

File Type

Fractal Audio, Wav File, Combo Pack (Fractal & Wav Files)

Impulse Response (IR) File Inspired Cabinet Info (Click Here)

Inspired Model Recorded as Impulse Response (IR) Files: 1980’s Polytone® Mini Brute II™ 1 X 12 Guitar or Bass Amp Cabinet

Speakers Loaded in Model Captured: 1X12 Polytone® Proprietary 12 inch Speaker for Guitar and Bass

Microphones Used (Click Here)

Microphones Used in This Cab Impulse Response (IR) Cab Pack:


AKG 451 EB

AKG D-12vr (used in passive mode)

Audio Technica AT4033

Audix D6s

Avantone CV12

Beyerdynamic M-160

Blue Electronics “The Ball” (used in “active mode”)

David Bock Audio – Soundelux U97

Crown PZM-6D

Electro-Voice RE-10

Electro-Voice RE-20

Neumann u89i

Sennheiser MD 421 II

Sennheiser MD 441

Shure SM57

Shure SM81

Past Brand Cabinet Users (Click Here)

Here are some famous players who were rumored to have historically used a similar type of cabinet in the past as reference and educational purposes for your tone quest or inspiration:


Carol Kaye – Legendary Bass and Guitar Studio Session Musician

Ray Brown – Jazz Upright Bass & Cello Legend

Joe Pass – Jazz Guitar Legend

Jim Hall  – Jazz Guitar Legend

Howard Roberts  – Jazz Guitar Legend, Wrecking Crew Guitarist

George Benson  – Jazz Guitar Legend

Jack Wilkins – Jazz Guitar Virtuoso

Photo of 1X12 Polytone® Proprietary 12 inch Speaker (Click Here)

Historical Info (Click Here)

Polytone® was founded over 40 years ago in California, USA, and was making amp combos that people used for accordion, keyboards, jazz guitar, electric bass, and upright bass.. Interestingly, the company was founded by a jazz accordion player of fame for that era.

The small closed back cabinet is lightweight, deadened with what looks to be fiberglass insulation, but the combo sounds pretty stark and revealing- dark at lower volumes and with a bit of a bite at louder volumes. The speaker design is way over-engineered for strictly guitar use, as it doesn’t bottom out or fart like most guitar speakers when you try to play bass guitar through them at gig volume. But the Polytone®  also doesn’t sound like a blanket is over the speaker when playing guitar through it, unlike some prominent bass speakers sound when playing guitar through them.

Impulse responses made with this cab can really sound great with many different types of digital amp models using clean or light gain, even bass amp models. If you try to play black metal or djent with these impulse response (IR) files, you will probably be very disappointed in them just as you would be with the real cabinet.

Wav & Combo Pack File Compatibility Info (Click Here)

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