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We produce great sounding impulse responses for your amp modeler or IR speaker simulator by Fractal Audio, Kemper, Line6, Two-Notes, Mooer and more.
We place a special emphasis on impulses for bass speakers but also specialize in unusual guitar speakers.


My name is Mike “Dr Bonkers” Santasiero. I have been a bass player (on and off) and a recording engineer for over 25 years. Dr Bonkers Soundlab LLC® was started by me in 2016 to serve bass players looking for cool bass cabinets to virtually play through using Fractal Audio Systems® Axe FXII™, AX8™, & CabLab 3™ using Fractal’s prorpietary Impulse Response (IR) file software formats.

Starting in 2017, we have decided to open up our offerings to include WAV file formats that are different recording takes than the files for the Fractal file ecosystem in order to support such platforms as Amplitube®, Line6®, Kemper®, & Two Notes® Torpedo™, among others that can use or convert wav files to use as ir files.

We have also decided to expand soon into certain select oddball guitar cabinet IR files that the rest of the marketplace has not offered as impulse response (ir) files with our historical digital preservation approach.

Dr Bonkers Soundlab LLC® is not a large faceless multinational corporate entity of 1%’ers, just me, Dr Bonkers, and occassionally Mrs. Bonkers helping to bring you great bass cabinet impulse response files and guitar cabinet impulse response files.

All company trademarks for Fractal Audio Systems®, Crown®, Amplitube®, Line6®, Kemper®, & Two Notes® Torpedo™, are owned by their respective corporate entities and mentioned under fair use.

Dr. Bonkers Soundlab LLC


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How to Load Dr Bonkers Soundlab® Impulse Response (IR) Cab WAV Files Into Your Favorite Hardware Modeler!