If you purchased one of my guitar cab or bass cab impulse response (IR) packs and find them useful, I want to thank you publicly for putting your trust in me.

Allowing me to assist you in creating music or furthering your tone quest is the main reason I started this Dr Bonkers Soundlab project in the first place.

People ask me, “How can I help?”

  • Sharing what you like about my impulse response (IR) packs on your favorite internet forums and social media helps me be able to produce file collections.
  • Creating video play-throughs and calling out that you used my ir files also helps, because your playing is invariably much better than my playing that you hear in most of the current videos I produce either on YouTube or this site.
  • Creating video reviews of my ir collections also helps others see that you like the files and find them useful.
  • Letting me know what cabs you would like to see me capture in the future helps me direct my efforts productively.
  • Emailing me your testimonials and what you would like to see improved helps me create a better product for all.
  • Lending or renting me your cabs if you live locally also helps me offer more variety to the guitar and bass player community that uses ir files.

I can talk on the internet forums and social media pages that do allow me to introduce my files to new users as much as I can, but it’s really you, the people that I produce these files for, that really help me be able to produce even more files.

Your opinions, art, and experiences carry much more weight than anything I could possibly say in helping introduce other players to my files. The truth is people investing in my files is what keeps the hosting bills paid, maintenance on equipment, and new cabs being rented- your word of mouth helps make that happen.

Many internet forums do not allow a “commercial user” to post links, so your word of mouth on these forums and social media is so very important in helping develop an audience and get the word out for a tiny fledgling 2 person company that Mrs. Bonkers and I work at.

I hope to see you again on my site soon.

Happy playing,

Mike “Dr Bonkers” Santasiero