1st Annual Dr Bonkers Bass Off/Shred Off Video Competition

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Hi all,

I am excited to announce the 1st Annual Dr Bonkers Bass Off/Shred Off.

1 Winner of the Bass Off will win all the Dr Bonkers bass cab packs currently for sale and that will be released through August 1st 2019.

1 Winner of the Shred Off will win all the Dr Bonkers guitar cab packs currently for sale and that will be released through August 1st 2019.

Here are the rules:

1. Post a video of you playing some amazing stuff using a Dr Bonkers IR file on bass or guitar to either YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Talk Bass, The Gear Page, Line 6 Forum, or Fractal Audio forum.
a. The more places you post the video to where the video would be welcome and post the links for verification, the more bonus points you get (don’t spam one manufacturer’s or instrument player’s forum with video they would not take kindly to of a competitor’s product).
2. Label the video “Dr Bonkers Bass Off/Shred Off Play Through” & whatever else you want to add to the video title.
3. In the video description, clearly identify which Dr Bass Cab Pack or Guitar Cab Pack you used and the file or custom mix you used.
a.If you are a Fractal Audio Axe-FX III user and using one of my preset cabs, please identify which Dr Bonkers Preset Cab you used, either #194, #552, #616, or #617 with the full cab name from the Wiki.
4. The audio in your recording must be captured direct via a computer audio interface. No phone audio recording, or miked cab audio will be accepted as it compromises the quality IMHO.
5. Video must be at least one minute long and can be an example of any genre as an original or a play through of any part of a song you feel inspired by performing.
a. If you play both bass and guitar in the video using a Dr Bonkers Cab Pack IR file, you are eligible to win both prizes.
6. Reply in the comments to this announcement on this site with a URL link to your video by August 31, 2018 Midnight EDT. Both Bass Off Winner and Shred Off Winner will be announced on September 7th noon EDT.
7. The Shred Off Winner and Bass Off Winner video links will be featured on the appropriate Cab Pack page, on my Dr Bonkers Soundlab Facebook page, and my Instagram page.
a. The winning videos must be visible to the public at least until August 1st, 2019.
8. Winners will recieve a coupon code keyed to the winners’ registered PayPal email addresses of record.
a. Sharing of the coupon code with anyone other than the winner will result in forfeiture of the prize. Illegal and unauthorized distribution of the files will constitute a violation of the EULA and the terms therein.

Thanks for reading this and I hope you compete!

Beatus ludentem or Happy Playing,
Mike “Dr Bonkers” Santasiero

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