Dr Bonkers Bass Cab Classics Volume 7: GeekRB 4X10 Bass Cabinet IR Collection

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Dr Bonkers presents the Dr Bonkers Bass Cab Classics Volume 7: GeekRB 4X10 Bass Cabinet IR Collection based upon a Gallien-Krueger® 410RBH™ 4X10 Bass Cabinet featuring the original proprietary 4 X 10 inch cast frame woofers with heavy duty tweeter.

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Zak Rahman demos in metal, rock, and jazz styles of the Gallien-Krueger® 410RBH™ 4X10 Bass Cab impulse response (IR) files in action:

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Additional information

File Type

Fractal Audio, Wav File, Combo Pack (Fractal & Wav Files)

Impulse Response (IR) File Inspired Cabinet Info (Click Here)

Inspired Model Recorded as Impulse Response (IR) Files: Gallien-Krueger® 410RBH™ 4X10 Bass Cabinet

Speakers Loaded in Model Captured: the original  four proprietary 10 inch cast frame woofers along with the heavy duty tweeter

Microphones Used (Click Here)

Microphones Used in This Cab Impulse Response (IR) Cab Pack:


AKG 451 EB

AKG D-12vr (used in passive mode)

Audio Technica AT4033

Audix D6s

Beyerdynamic M-160

Blue Electronics “The Ball” (used in “active mode”)

David Bock Audio – Soundelux U97

Crown PZM-6D

Electro-Voice RE-10

Electro-Voice RE-20

Sennheiser MD 421 II

Sennheiser MD 441

Shure SM57

Shure SM81

Past Brand Cabinet Users (Click Here)

Here are some famous players who have historically used this brand & type of cabinet in the past as reference and educational purposes for your tone quest or inspiration:

Duff McKagan – Guns ‘n Roses, Velvet Revolver

Flea – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Bryan Beller – The Aristocrats

Dave Holland – Jazz Legend

Johnny Christ – Avenged Sevenfold

Jimbo Wallace – The Reverend Horton Heat

Orlando Wright – Buddy Guy

Bobby Dall – Poison

Kenneth Wright – John Legend

Robert “Bubby” Lewis – Lupe Fiasco

Brian Allen – Robben Ford

Tim Foreman – Switchfoot

Beefcake the Mighty – GWAR

Jermaine Jackson – The Jacksons

Rashad Young – Wale

Shez Raja – Mike Stern, Randy Brecker, Shez Raja Collective

Gianni Ciogna – Groovydo

Simon Dredo -TheLoveCrave

Historical Info (Click Here)

For almost 50 years Robert Gallien has produced instrument amplification systems with one  time partner Rich Krueger. In the 1980’s, they changed the way bass players amplified their instruments with bass amps that produced a signature growl. In the 1990’s, they started producing the 410RBH™ bass cabinet and players continue to use them to this very day.

The bass cabinet impulse response (ir) mixes without tweeter are captured to get the more vintage darker tones and with tweeter ir mixes give more modern brighter tones that the cabinet is capable of producing, just by varying mic placement and brand. Due to the individual baffling for each woofer and larger physical depth than typical 4X10 bass cabinets, these impulse response (IR) files have the mix cutting ability of a 4X10 inch bass cabinet combined with the Jurassic rumble of a 15 inch bass cab.

Due to the physical dimensions of this cabinet, both electric bass guitar as well amplified upright bass players find this bass cab a compelling choice to use to reproduce fat timbres and shape their deep tones with conventional amplification, so perhaps these ir files are a great choice to consider in a bass amp modeler as well.

Wav & Combo Pack File Compatibility Info (Click Here)

Please check the documentation of your Yamaha® THR-100™, Kemper® KPA™ (Kemper Profiler Amp), Line 6® Helix™, Boss® GT-1000™, Two Notes® Torpedo™, Atomic Amps® Amplifire™, NuX® Cerberus™, AMT® Pangaea CP-100™, Positive Grid® Bias™, or other hardware or software based Impulse Response (IR) loader to see which WAV file format is correct to use.

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