Dr Bonkers Soundlab® Looking to Rent Some Guitar and Bass Cabs If You Are in Arizona?

Are you in Arizona and have one of these cabs that you are willing to rent me for a week?

I would pick up on a Saturday morning and return it back to you on the following Sunday night! I can pay you in cash for the rental for recording purposes.

If it is just hanging out in storage or you are not using it most weekends, why not get a rental fee for a weekend’s use? I have references of others who I have rented from who can tell you I take great care of others’ cabs.

Here’s what I am looking for with stock speakers in good functioning condition:

Matamp® era 4×12
WEM® Super Starfinder 200™ (prefer w/ Fane ® Crescendo™ speakers)
Vader® 4×12
Hesu® 4×12
Randall® Lynch Box™ 4×12 (prefer w/ Lynchbacks™)
Friedman® Steve Stevens™ 4×12
Zilla® Oversize 4×12
Mills Acoustics® Afterburner™ 4×12
PRS® JMOD™ 2×12
Gallien Krueger® 4412H™ 4X12+2X10 Bass Cab 
Gallien Krueger® NEO 4X10 Bass Cab
Marshall® JCM800™ 4X12 Bass Cab
Marshall® Model 1580™ or 1980™ 1X18 Bass Cab
Emperor® 1X18
Emperor® 4×12
Mesa Boogie® RoadReady™ 4X12
Sunn® Dymos™ 2×12 with JBL® D123F
Sunn® Sceptre™ 4×12 with JBL® D123F
Sunn® Beta Lead™ 2×12
Sunn® Beta 215B™ 2×15
Rickenbacker® Transonic™ 2×15+horn
Acoustic Control Corporation® 408™ 4×15 Bass Cab
SWR® Henry the 8×8™

Please email me your location, discuss rental rate, and date availability. Click on the button on my home page to contact me.

Thanks for your consideration! I hope that we can help each other out.

Please note all trademarked or registered trade names are the properties of their respective rights owners and are used under fair use to describe the products they produced for which I am interested in renting.

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