Dr Bonkers Guitar Cab-Oddities™ Volume 1: LaVie 2X12 Guitar Cabinet IR Collection


Dr Bonkers presents the LaVie 2X12 Guitar Cabinet IR Collection based upon a vintage Gibson® Moog® Norlin® Lab Series L5™ Guitar Amp Cabinet.  This cabinet included the original  two 12 inch proprietary design ceramic magnet speakers.

Dr Bonkers impulse response file tribute to this cab is featured in both Fractal Audio Systems® file format, WAV format, and a buy both bundle. Pull down on the menu below to see details on each pack.

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Zak Rahman demos in metal, rock, and jazz styles of Gibson® Moog® Lab Series L5™ 2X12 Guitar Cab impulse response (IR) files:

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Additional information

File Type

Fractal Audio, Wav File, Combo Pack (Fractal & Wav Files)

Impulse Response (IR) File Inspired Cabinet Info (Click Here)

Inspired Model Recorded as Impulse Response (IR) Files: The Gibson® and Moog® collaboration of the Norlin® Lab Series L5™ Guitar Amp with 2X12 speakers..

Speakers Loaded in Model Captured: Two vintage original 12 inch proprietary ceramic magnet guitar speakers (never re-coned & never voice coil rebuilt)

Microphones Used (Click Here)

Microphones Used in This Cab Impulse Response (IR) Cab Pack:


AKG 451 EB

AKG D-12vr (used in passive mode)

Audio Technica AT4033

Audix D6s

Avantone CV12

Beyerdynamic M-160

Blue Electronics “The Ball” (used in “active mode”)

David Bock Audio – Soundelux U97

Crown PZM-6D

Electro-Voice RE-10

Electro-Voice RE-20

Neumann u89i

Sennheiser MD 421 II

Sennheiser MD 441

Shure SM57

Shure SM81

Past Brand Cabinet Users (Click Here)

Here are some famous players who were rumored to have historically used a similar type of cabinet in the past as reference and educational purposes for your tone quest or inspiration:

B B King – Blues Guitar Legend

Ty Tabor – Kings X

Bill Bickford – Billy Cobham

Allan Holdsworth – Progressive Rock Legend

Photo of Norlin® Gibson® Moog® Proprietary Guitar Speaker (Click Here)

Norlin Gibson Moog Proprietary Ceramic Magnet Speakers Detail

Historical Info (Click Here)

Introduced in the late 1970’s, this guitar amp was the collaboration of Bob Moog and Dan Pearce (who later founded Pearce Amplification®). Their goal was to make a solid state guitar amp that had all the sweet overtones of a classic tube amp. For its time, the guitar amp was considered quite pricey and although some major artists liked it, the great sounding guitar amp faded away in the marketplace. The cabinet with speakers definitely evokes that classic twin design, although in the original impulse response capture session I found this cabinet a bit darker sounding than most classic 2X12 guitar cabs, but some amp adjustments and some bass roll off will still let you cut through the mix. In the subsequent ir capture session after there had been a maintenance issue found with the speaker wire, the amp is much brighter sounding. As a result you get really two cabinets for the price of one with this impulse response guitar cab pack.

Wav & Combo Pack File Compatibility Info (Click Here)

Please check the documentation of your Yamaha® THR-100™, Kemper® KPA™ (Kemper Profiler Amp), Line 6® Helix™, Boss® GT-1000™, Two Notes® Torpedo™, Atomic Amps® Amplifire™, NuX® Cerberus™, AMT® Pangaea CP-100™, Positive Grid® Bias™, or other hardware or software based Impulse Response (IR) loader to see which WAV file format is correct to use.

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