Dr Bonkers Bass Cab Classics Volume 2: AGI 8X10 Bass Cabinet IR Collection


Dr Bonkers presents the AGI 8X10 Bass Cabinet IR Collection, which is based upon the Aguilar® 8 x 10 (with tweeter) DB810 Bass Cabinet.

The quest for tone that started Aguilar® began in the 1990’s with a preamp and soon spawned “must haves” for savvy tone-seeking bass players, like pickups, amps, pedals, and cabinets, like the cabinet that inspired this impulse response collection.

Dr Bonkers impulse response file tribute to this cab is featured in both Fractal Audio Systems® file format, WAV format, and a buy both bundle. Pull down on the menu below to see details on each pack.

Below where it says “Description” in bold type, please click below on the arrows or grayed out words to hear sound samples or see more information (see images below main product image if this is not clear- one is mobile view, one is desktop computer view).

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This Cab pack has been retiered and no longer available for sale.

Therefore, please see this pack for the superior version of the cab:×10-bass-cabinet-ir-collection/Pull down on the menu next to price to see details on each

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Additional information

File Type

Fractal Audio, Wav File, Combo Pack (Fractal & Wav Files)

Inspired Cabinet Info (Click Here)

Inspired Model Recorded as Impulse Response (IR) Files: Aguilar® DB810™

Speakers Loaded in Model Captured: Eight 10 inch proprietary woofers with 56 oz. magnets & phenolic tweeter

Special Info Regarding Tweeter Operation in This Cabinet: Tweeter was able to be turned on and off, so the tweeter was only turned on when recording the actual tweeter.

Microphones Used (Click Here)

Microphones Used in This Cab Impulse Response (IR) Cab Pack:


AKG 451 EB

AKG D-12vr (used in passive mode)

Audio Technica AT4033

Audix D6s

Beyerdynamic M-160

Blue Electronics “The Ball” (used in “active mode”)

David Bock Audio – Soundelux U97

Crown PZM-6D

Electro-Voice RE-10

Electro-Voice RE-20

Neumann u89i

Sennheiser MD 421 II

Sennheiser MD 441

Shure SM57

Shure SM81

Past Brand Cabinet Users (Click Here)

Here are some famous players who have historically used this brand & type of cabinet in the past as reference and educational purposes for your tone quest or inspiration:

Adam Clayton – U2

Sven Pipien – The Black Crowes

Paulo Xisto Pinto Jr – Sepultura

Dallon Weekes – Panic! At the Disco

Paul Turner – Jamiroquai

Chris Chaney – Janes Addiction

Branden Campbell – Neon Trees

Matt Rubano – Taking Back Sunday

Matt Taylor – Motion City Soundtrack

Josh Newton – Every Time I Die

Camilla Charlesworth – The Veronicas

Nick Schendzielos – Job for a Cowboy

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