ahh… good ole dr bonkers… why did I ever stray? Picked up the MBGR-B 8×10(bass) from dr b this weekend. No one else I’ve tried, short of maybe ownhammer, offers the same value for the money as Dr B. You get a TON of mic placements, tons of mixes (hyper real!), and a ton of documentation. The names of the files tell you all you need to know – no need for bulk renaming (thank you!). Most importantly – they sound outstanding. He manages to capture not only compressed punch, but fat vintage sounds as well.
I really like the fact that while others are offering “nice shiny brand new” cabinets/pictures… Dr B offers REAL cabs. some rips and tears in the pictures… maybe not exactly pretty… but the photos are as real as the irs you get.
this cab has several variations on each mic. Each speaker (all 8!) is sampled as well as some rear/distant samples. Well organized. Top notch.
If there is a downside, It would have to be that honestly, I don’t think the demos on the site do the captures justice. had a hard time really HEARING the cab in the demo, but this is just one moron’s opinion so… take it for what it is.
Dr B. = more please!