Oh noooo, stock presets are really bad. First you may want to invest in an IR pack, those are game changers. After buying many of them I found that Marshall 8X10 from Dr Bonkers is all I need for any situation (about 300 ir’s in the pack, for 10 dollars) https://www.drbonkerssoundlab.com/…/dr-bonkers-bass…/
I split the signal in two, with a crossover set at 170 hz, I let the pure unaltered signal to the low part, OK, I add the mic pre with about 4,5 Gain and a bit low cut, so the lows are big and fat. For hi channel I put an IR block, and browse my IR’s until I find one that sounds exactly how I like. I like the fig8 ones a lot 🙂
At the end of the loop you have a mixer, so you can blend in the lows as you like. Add a compressor before all this and an EQ after this and you have a great starting point.