Hello, I normally don’t go out of my way to write reviews or give “attaboys,” but I recently came upon your site offerings, and thought $1.99 for the 4×12 1983 Marshall® 1960A JMLD_Celestion® G12-80 was cheap enough to get a feel of your quality. Never been a huge Marshall fan (been more a Fender guy), and the G12-80 is a darker sound than what I normally like, but what the heck, as a test. I must say, wow. The first file I tried…usable, with minimal tweaking (rolled up some presence and treble). Even from this “darker” cab, I can get highly usable sounds, from clean to crunch. I have literally 10’s of thousands of IRs from all the usual players (Ownhammer, Redwirez, CabIReu, 3 Sigma, God’s Cab, Lancaster, etc.), been down the proverbial “rabbit hole,” and I’m not sure what your ‘secret sauce’ is (especially the PZMs), but your IRs are just a cut above everybody else’s I’ve tried. So, I decided to purchase more, but specific cabs for specific speaker models to test your takes on various timbres, Celestion® G12-V30, Celestion® G12-65 Creamback, Celestion® 70w V30. Literally, the first file I loaded for all these…USABLE right out of the box. Couldn’t believe it. I have spent hundreds of hours tweaking other brand IRs to make them approach usable, some are hopeless and lifeless. Your IRs, I can simply load and play. Not a bad tone in the bunch. You might not currently have the widest selection like others, but I really need go no further looking for my sounds. I’ll take quality versus quantity any day. These four speakers supply any studio quality tone I would need, from clean to high gain, from dark to twang, and everything between. A/B the same cab and same mics, yours sound better. Period. There is a clear, discernible difference in your work. Your engineering experience has obviously served you well in this regard. It’s like I’m virtually inside your cabinet. Almost creepy good. Thanks so much for your quality work and these fine, unique offerings