I mainly dig the Sunn 2×15 for a nice tight oompf or the Marshall 8×10 for a response more centred towards high-mid and treble, but recently I’ve used the Sunn 2×12 (also guitar oriented) to cop a tone very similar to The Smiths, pick driven with a P bass. I did it against the official isolated track from This Charming Man and the 2×12 was the one that most naturally gave that kind of sonorities – tight but with a bit less weight on the low-mid than the 2×15.

I loaded your IR on the JST Rex Brown Soundforge plugin. It may be branded and styled for metal, but it’s way more versatile than it looks, especially with external IRs, and the embedded loader is a great plus.

Most of those short Instagram clips on my profile have been made using your IRs I quoted.