I ordered and downloaded the B15, Aguilar810, and ST810 from your web site this morning. Wow!!! These are especially relevant to me as I have played through each of these cabinets IRL. I owned and gigged the SVT810 back in the day when my back would let me move it around. Mike, you are amazing! You nailed it on all 3 and I am blown away. Still playing with them, and probably will continue testing them with my band over the coming weeks. No offense to the Fractal folks, but none of the factory cabinets (for bass) can approach what you have created in your cab packs. The AXE-FX XL+ is the front end preamp, effects, and modeler that I have been searching for these many years. However, your cab packs have made it a bass player’s dream come true. Thank you from the bottom of my low-end thumping heart!